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10 Habits to Win the Morning

It's been said, "If you win the morning, you win the day."

Well, pretty good advice from whoever said it! Who wants to lose the morning! BUT HOW?

And after whining (not winning!) for years that "I'm not a morning person" it was time to grow up.In reality, hating the morning meant I pretty much hated the rest of the day. : (

Ideally, you set your rhythms to win the day right at the beginning. You set your mindset, and you wake the sleeping and the dead… sometimes both!

So, here are 10 things I do for awesome mornings. And no judging on the coffee! : )

1. Wake up without an alarm

Yes, that means go to bed earlier. And, I get it, some mornings can't work, or you risk being late. But, it's incredible how you can get used to waking up at the same time. It makes waking up so much less stressful. (or get up without hitting snooze for sure)

2. Affirm "I'm Blessed"

I do this to remind myself I'm not cursed. (Behind much of my past depression) I have much great stuff to get me out of bed. I have a silent alarm on my phone that reminds me of this. "You're blessed!" Whatever it takes!

3. Drink bulletproof coffee, skip carbs!

I actually find it both fills me up and wakes me up. Carbs taste great but bring a quick downdraft and updraft on the scale! Here's the link if you want to know more: (Bullet Proof Coffee)

4. List your “appreciations”

This one's worth the whole list! Even 4 or 5 to start each the day! Just list things you appreciate that come to mind. I do mine on my phone in the Evernote app. But great to use a journal too.

5. Do breath- meditation and pray

I used to try to pray and get "ADD head." Look a bird!... By meditating for 5 or more minutes first, using a breathing app (you can easily download for free,) I find it focuses and relaxes me. Then I pray for self, family, and others needs as well as express gratitude.

6. Read Scripture (and other inspirational reading)

I have come to love the Bible.Is app. You can read or listen to it! For inspiration, I'm reading "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert. (Loving it!)

7. Stretch, sit-ups and, push-ups

The stretch part has become a much more significant deal all the time! My brother in law just sent me a yoga app. Called "Yoga Studio" to stretch more intentionally.

8. Take a shower.. with a cold ending

OK, so as an entrepreneur and coach who lives in Colorado, I don't do this one every day! But, try the cold ending! You'll see!

9. Ask and answer the three "focus questions."

• What's important about today?

• What must get done today?

• What's important for the future?

These are gold. Absolute gold! Write them. Answer them.

10. Make your bed

I know, some of you think this is no big deal. For me, basically says, I respect my space.

Let me know your thoughts and/or questions. Have a great week!

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