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5 Crucial Questions to Focus Life Faster

"When we are saying this cannot be accomplished, this cannot be done, then we are short-changing ourselves." Kobe Bryant

Every once in a while, you get shaken by life and reminded that tomorrow’s just not a guarantee.

I simply figured my son Jon and I would be up at Winter Park in a couple hours to ski and enjoy some much overdo father son time since he now lives far away.

We talked about our goals for the day, the equipment we had forgotten….

WITHOUT WARNING, while heading down a snowy hill on route 93 my car began to fishtail.

Jon tried to console my panic with “We’ll be OK Dad. You’ve got this.” Then it went from bad to worse. We started sliding sideways on black ice. Another car coming full speed the other direction swerved into the opposite lane to avoid us.

We lurched over an embankment and headed sideways, then in reverse, down the steep hill. As we came to a stop, a black 4 wheel pick up tumbled down the same embankment just yards away and came to a stop with a loud crunching sound.

Heart racing and with Jon’s wisdom, we ran from the car in case other careening cars were to head our way….

Well, we never did make it to Winter Park that day. But thankfully we survived without injury what could have been much, much worse.

All to say, we can never take tomorrow for granted.

Yesterday’s tragic news of Kobe Bryant and 8 others serves all of us as still alive a reminder. Do it now! Live for what matters most now!

But, sometimes we’re not very focused. To get there, we may need to first answer a few crucial questions to discern:

What should I focus on faster… and not wait?

Here are 5 wise questions I call the “10 Minute Drill.” Feel print these or write them in a journal to answer them.

1. If you learned you had just 10 minutes to live – WHAT would you regret not having done YET in your life or work? (What’s keeping you from that now?)

2. If you had 10 minutes left to live, WHO would you want to spend those ten minutes with? What would you want them to know that they might not already know?

3. If you had 10 minutes left to live, and were given 3 minutes to share a VERBAL MESSAGE with every living person on the planet, what would you say in that message?

4. If you had ten minutes left to live, what were you most GLAD YOU DID DO? (Can you do more of that?)

5. If you learned you had 10 minutes left to live, but were given the OPPORTUNITY TO ASK GOD FOR 10 MORE YEARS, what would you want God to know you would do in that 10 years that would make your case worthwhile?

OK, so some tough questions... But they really can and will cut through the fog quickly of what matters.

And if you’re stuck on answering these or moving forward, that’s what coaches and coaching if for! Get in touch to set up Big Shift session! We’ll explore together.

Making this week count!

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