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Go DEEP or go…

I did a review of what I want for my next month and I came up with one word that actually surprised, challenged and kind of excited me.

It’s “DEEP.” That’s right. “DEEP.” And it implies a decision to quit being half—— in things I actually care about.

I hate to admit it, but it was initially motivated by a somewhat viral video called “Man swipes bridal bouquet away from his girlfriend.”

Follow the short sequence and you’ll know the story pretty quickly!

I love that guy… and I hate him! Funny. And really sad.

Face it, if you’re her, that one action spoke volumes. Her face basically says it all. “I’m out of here pal!”

The guy demonstrates the opposite of deep.

But, my own recognition is how much I’m like him…. no, not in my dating life (though, sadly, I can relate back in the day…) but in plenty of other areas where I settle for shallow. Not deep. I settle for “interested” but not committed.

It's really easy to do what that guy did and skip going deep because we

1. Don’t know what to go deep in. (or who to go deep with...)

2. Are afraid we’ll miss out on other options.

3. Have been given lousy role models of “uncommitted people”

4. Are afraid we’ll be less free if we commit. The cost of not going deep tends to be a lack of clarity. Confidence. Feeling of wading or treading water. Even boredom or purposelessness.

So, what are some ways go to deep or go home? Consider joining me.

1. Going deep with chosen friends or family you’ve allowed to be (or become) shallow.

Instead of “how ya doin?” stuff. Grab coffee. Take them to lunch. Ask them to share their dreams, desires, likes, dislikes…. Or as my son Jonathan does, ask them to share their story. Start at the beginning.

2. Go deep with fewer clients. A smaller audience.

In all the “think big” and “grow” stuff, it’s too tempting to seek to offer less to more instead of more to less. Build a lifetime tribe of 1000 “all in” people instead of seeking to reach millions. 
For me, this means helping 1000 people discover and FULLY engage their purpose and callings instead of “taste and take a step.” Clarify your niche. Decide who you're out to serve. Help. Reach.

3. Study one topic deeply instead of being a “jack of all topics.”

Even pick a topic for the next 90 days to go deep in. Research it. Watch YouTubes on it. Read more than one book about it. You’ll quickly see your expertise and your enjoyment grow.

4. Commit to personal or spiritual growth deeply…. instead of dabbling.

Lukewarmness is condemned in the Bible and it the arch enenmy of most spiritual growth anywhere.

5. Get truly healthy beyond “maintaining.

It’s time to quit “dabbling in health” and start taking seriously the fact you only get one body. I can hear ringing in my ears the advice from a 90 something old man in a nursing home who told me “If I knew I was gonna live this long, I’d of taken better care of my body.
 What does going deeper in health mean for you? Deeper in relationship? Deeper in serving others?

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