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You can become the leader you've always wanted to be! Let's get started by clarifying your vision and creating a simple strategy!


Jeff collaborates with leaders and mentors coaches in unlocking their unique strengths while fostering their character growth and helping them achieve their full potential. He has led numerous retreats and immersion experiences, which he views as pivotal for lasting transformation.

With over 20 years of experience in coaching and mentoring, I would be honored to guide you on your journey.


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Jeff resides in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife Mindy, and is the proud father of three grown and married sons. In addition to his family, he shares his home with two spirited yet semi-obedient dogs, Barney and Lola.


Jeff and Mindy Caliguire ( continue to inspire and empower individuals on their journeys toward purposeful living. Alongside his wife Mindy, Jeff co-founded Whisper Ranch, a 26-acre leadership development and training property.

With eight published books to his name, including "Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul," "Unlocking Your Convergence Point," and "The Habits of Hope: Self-Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose," Jeff has made a significant impact in the world of leadership and personal development. Most recently, he authored the three-book "Coaching Transformation Academy Series."



"As a CEO, husband and father, Jeff Caliguire's coaching integrated all parts of my life. It gave me the ability to really evaluate my dreams, gifts, and mission; then gave me a written plan to move forward. It also inspired me to write my books."
- Joseph Slawek
CEO, FONA (Flavors of North America)
"My life has changed because of Jeff's influence. My time with him directly influenced what I am doing now. Thank you!” 
- Noah Adair, Non-Profit President
"Jeff Caliguire's coaching was what I needed to develop a strategy to do what I was born to do! It helped give me a direction and game plan for my second half. You helped me gain the clarity I was looking for."
- Tom Okarma
President & Founder of Vantage Point
"I came away with no more loose ends! I have my answers and no longer need to put too much pressure on myself!”
- Brooke Terrill, Executive Coach, We Train Coaches Client
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"Everything you taught me somehow leaks out whenever I’m asked to speak! You are a friend, teacher, and a coach of coaches." 

- Dr. Mark Kolkman, Founder and Chief Solution Officer at Flex Solutions, LLC

"It really was over the top! Perfect! You coached us to achieve every one of our specific goals!”
- Diane Overgard, President 45 Degree
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