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Ready to book Jeff for Winning Play Coaching, Organizational Consulting, or a Leadership Retreat?

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Leadership & Winning Play Coaching

When you're ready to unlock your purpose, coaching will empower you to:


  • Know YOUR WINNING PLAY!  (Unlock Your Unique Best)

  • Know and maximize your motivated abilities. (Why you do what you do!) 

  • Know what to say "yes" and "no" to

  • Have the confidence to fully lean in... Not just be "nice!"

  • Quit apologizing for what you offer

  • Know how to maximize other's potential (and attract high performers!) 

  • Earn more income

  • Avoid burnout 

  • Create a legacy from your life

  • Attract others to work with you

Looking to move from one season and another? Coaching will empower you to:

  • Close one chapter and kick-start another one well

  • Find the support you need to launch into your new season

  • Surround yourself with the resources, strategies, and people that will encourage you on your journey

Jeff Caliguire has logged over 20,000 hours coaching leaders in transition and guides equips, and inspires you to unlock YOUR WINNING PLAY and full potential.

Your Next Best Step is to a Winning Play Blueprint Session!

The goals of the Winning Play Blueprint session will leave you excited about YOUR desired future...but without stress!

1. Create clarity about the ideal life and work you really want.

2. Discover the 5 thing(s) holding you back from fully living into your truest potential.

3. Identify THE MOST POWERFUL ACTION that will move you forward in your life, work, and leadership

4. Leave the session excited and filled with hope!

50-minute sessions are reserved each week, so schedule yours now!


Organizational Consulting

Many leaders love technology but don't love managing people.

Unfortunately, the lack of employee engagement is a billion-dollar problem and includes high employee turnover.

My organizational consulting approach improves the ability of managers to help employees and teams WIN BIG! 


  • Do what they uniquely do best from motivated abilities.

  • Find their best fit and way to contribute to the team. 

  • Develop growth and development plans for an employee based on their gifts and motivated abilities.


Our tools and coachjing  will help you "Engage and Mobilize Your Employees!"

Let's connect for a Complimentary ORGANIZATION WINNNG PLAY BLUEPRINT Session!

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Leadership Retreats

Ignite Your Leadership Potential


Whisper Ranch, located in Boulder Colorado, is just what coaches and leaders need so desperately right now! 


Filled with epic views of the Rocky Mountains, Whisper Ranch was founded in 2019 by Jeff and Mindy Caliguire as a place to bring leaders to life.


It was particularly created to train coaches to provide the space for leaders to heal, grow, and connect with other transformational leaders. Whisper Ranch provides nature-inspired space to pull back, relax, breathe, and from a place of "being" creatively explore new horizons and possibilities. 


Whisper Ranch is situated on over 26 acres of breathtaking land and, though minutes from downtown Boulder and less than 45 minutes from the DIA airport and downtown Denver, it offers a true Rocky Mountain getaway… and you will feel far away in this tranquil location. 

Our retreat offers a customized experience designed to empower you and your team to reach new heights.

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