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Self-Leadership Strategies To Unleash Your Bigger Purpose

"My men's group studied this book and, honestly, it is one of the best we've gone through, in terms of its practical impact on our lives. The Habits of Hope are presented in a very engaging, easy-to-read story format, with some very interesting twists and turns, quite unlike most books with these kinds of life application principles. If taken to heart, these habits have the true potential to move you toward hope and a wonderful life."

- Erik Lindberg

"This book is so vulnerable, entertaining, and practical. Can't say that about too many things I've read. I really liked it - it helped me reframe how I'm seeing this year. Definitely worth reading."

- Jim Candy

"I started reading this thinking it was just "another book on personal growth." Jeff has written an amazing story that hits the heart of what most people go through in life. Many people want to make a change in the world and many don't know where to start. The Habits Of Hope give you clear direction on where to start."

- Grace Schlabach


Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul

"Jeff Caliguire's Leadership Secrets of St. Paul is a thoughtful analysis of this important apostle's life and the leadership principles he practiced in carrying out his great mission. This is an unusual and unique book full of interesting insights into timeless principles of leadership. it's well worth reading."

- Ralph Larsen Former Chairman & CEO, Johnson & Johnson

"The inspiration of the Apostle Paul has touched millions across history. Jeff Caliguire has done a wonderful job of drawing from Paul's life to inspire great leaders, and indeed, the Bible reminds us that leaders are anointed by God and appointed for a task. The theme is critical, the truths here are drawn from one who knew how to withstand great challenge and point to excellence not only in leadership but moreover in life as well.

- Ravi Zacharias

"It's important for you as a leader to reflect not just on what you're doing but also on who you're becoming. Jeff Caliguire's
Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul is written with you in mind. It's designed to help you who are involved in the challenge of leadership to examine not only your strategy but also your values. I hope you don't merely read this book, but that you also reflect, wrest, and change because then the lives of all whom you touch will experience change as well."

- John Ortberg

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