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Thanksgiving... 3 Ways to Make It Super Relevant

I realize for most of us Thanksgiving Day, as wonderful as it is, can become less about giving thanks and more about enjoying family and football or even in the negative, unreasonable family expectations,fuss over food and Uncle Frank’s weird addictions. I confess, I didn’t see Thanksgiving as relevant. More quaint. If that! I can honestly tell you that’s NOT the case any more. I now see thanksgiving/gratitude as a key to a bunch of good things.

  • Lowering stress levels.

  • Seeing progress all around me.

  • Enjoying each day (not waiting “till then”)

  • Realizing God is really, really good. (not stingy and non-existent)

Of course, it’s hard for someone else to teach us these things. And Thanksgiving often felt, well, so out of touch with much thankfulness in any practical way. Yet, whenever I really, authentically give thanks, I actually feel alive! I sense how blessed I really am. I get the value from the season of life I’m currently living... not just long for the day when things all come together in a box with a neat little bow. As author and blogger Michael Hyatt said, (and I totally agree!)

“The more I give thanks, the more reasons I have for gratitude.”

BUT, unless we integrate thanksgiving as a regular practice, it’t not going to work it’s magicto

1. Reduce stress levels. It’s really hard to give thanks and not find yourself breathing easier and relaxing your shoulders!)

2. Replace negative emotions. It’s as if they just push away the gunky thoughts.

3. Enable us to forgive others. Yep! I think that when you give thanks for people (family too!) it’s harder to stay judgemental angry and bitter.

So how? Even this Thanksgiving?

I think that some of THE best habits I’ve ever, ever, ever developed are these three.

It’s a “gratitude snowball” in all the right ways... even for me!

1. Start Each Day With a Gratitude List.

That’s right. Maybe grab a cup of coffee and brush your teeth. But don’t do much more than that!

I use Evernote to record my gratitude each day. Just put a date on top, then list whatever comes mind. Sometimes you’ll list a whole bunch of things. Other times, just a few. The key is to be consistent. Try it!

2. Every Time You Feel Fear... Give Thanks for Something.

Use fear as a trigger or alarm. Whenever you feel fearful, scared of anxious. Give thanks for something.

“Ahh.... I have to be with these people!” .... God thank you for them.

“Nuts... where’s that money gonna come from?!” ... God thank you that You provide for me.

“Bummer... the Bears lost!!! ... Wait, I don’t even like the Bears!” : )

3. End Each Day with Thanksgiving.

As soon as you turn off your light, come up with 3 things you're grateful for.

Then watch how much better you sleep. I think there’s a direct connection. And if you wake up, list a few things your grateful for as well.

Thanksgiving and gratitude becomes our reality. It impacts the amount of happy things we experience.

And guess what? It’s also great leadership and THE KEY to powerful entrepreneurship!

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