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When Married Couples Fight the Wrong Enemy

It’s easy to have our minds blown when we see a husband and wife don AK-47’s, automatic handguns and body armor, then together kill innocent people. Something is seriously wrong here. Sick. Absolutely, totally, wrong and evil. Call it what it is! That a married couple could BOTH do something like this TOGETHER in San Bernadino is hard to imagine!

What went through their minds?

How did they discuss this?

What could make them think killing these people was a good thing?

BUT, in some ways, is this couple more typical of many couples than we might think? Huh? 
How many married couples get duped into fighting the wrong enemy? How many fight a jihad...just the absolute wrong jihad? Tafsheen Malik (it that really is her name) and Syen Farook died in a hail of gunfire from San Bernadino police because they fought the absolute wrong enemy. I think of the quote that the devil will use 99% truth to float one percent lie.

The truth: (yes, there really is some here!)

  • Husbands and wives should stick together.

Yes, there's something about husbands and wives seeing themselvs together in something that is right.

  • There’s a bigger mission for a marriage than just survival.

There is a bigger mission for marriage. Most never find it.

  • Husbands and wives have an enemy out to destroy them.

The Lies:

  • Husbands and wives should stick together on behalf of hatred and killing.

Instead of a MUCH bigger mission love and grace.

  • What’s bigger than “us” involves bringing a revolution of killing and domination to the world.

Instead might marriages be called to a revolution of loving the world - as Jesus demonstrated and invites.

  • The real enemy a out to destroy a couple is only physical.

Sure, it may be easy to see the enemy as "them?" Him. Her. Them.

However, our real enemy is waging a war to divide us and have us think the enemy is a person.. those in another religion, those who disagree with our viewpoints, maybe even our own spouse seems like our enemy.

And that enemy wants to distract us, divide us and even kill us.

Yes, there’s an enemy we’re called to fight.... but too many of us will choose to fight the wrong enemy.

Time to start fighing TOGETHER.. but fighing for GOOD!

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (I Peter 5:8)

PS. OK, so how? How can couples get on the same page for the "right battle?"

Here's a tangible way to explore. I created a "great date" for you and your spouse!

DOWNLOAD The 12 Questions to Unlock the Mission for Your Marriage! "Use these questions a date night where you explore the even bigger vision: Why are we together?"

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