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2 Questions to Determine If You’re in Your Ultimate Job or Career

I totally understand there are times and seasons to work jobs because we need the M-O-N-E-Y. And because we’ve got to pay our B-I-L-L-S. There’s a certain responsibility for this that’s part of being a grownup. A human being. There are seasons. Needs. Necessities. HOWEVER, seasons don’t last forever. And sooner, rather than later, move to your ultimate job or career. The one you were put on this earth to do. Please! For your sake and for all of our sakes! Its time to stop being part of the 87% who don’t love their work and join the 13% who do! According to 2013 data by Gallup only 13 percent of employees are "engaged" in their jobs, or emotionally invested in their work and focused on helping their organizations improve. (via The Washington Post) But, the good news. 13% love their jobs! Why not be in that 13%? I met such a “13-percenter" yesterday when I attended (and paid for) one of the best seminars I’ve been to EVER! It was a 4 hour seminar called “How to Speak For Fun and Profit” and it was taught by an 85 year old stroke survivor from Denver, named Joe Sabah.

Joe's a former student of Dale Carnegie. Friends with famous speakers worldwide. Founder of the Colorado Speaker’s Association. Author. Mentor. Fun-loving prankster! Hunched over. Partially paralyzed. Cane in hand. Joe teaches with more passion, wisdom and relevance than most college professors would ever dream to. His topic: He’s equipping people to “speak… for fun. And for profit!” Near the end of the session, I asked Joe, “Why do you still do what you do?” He smiled. “Because I haven't helped Jeff yet!” he said pointing his finger toward me. “And I haven’t helped Jo yet!” he said pointing his finger towards Jo, sitting next to me. Joe’s on a mission to help the people he’s been put on this earth to help. “I know my purpose!” he says. “Each week, I look at my calendar, and I see things I get to do! I don’t want to be bored wondering what to do with my time!” Wow! Wow! I felt blessed knowing that I got to be “helped” by Joe! Thank you God for Joe Sabah! So, how about you? Start with where you are. Evaluate.

1. Would You be EXCITED to do what you’re doing now at 85?

Would you? If “yes,” that’s great! Keep doing it! It the answer is “no.” Or even “not so sure!” then that means what you’re likely not yet doing your ultimate calling or career. YET. The key word here?That would be “YET.” You just need to find it. Like Joe, you need to be 85 some day and saying ‘Because I haven’t helped _________ (fill in the blank)

  • Who’s in that blank?

  • How will you help them?

Restated: What WOULD you be excited to be doing at 85? If you’re not sure, how will you find it? The next question…

2. Would you still do what you’re doing now if you didn’t get paid to do it?

“Are you kidding!” one middle aged professional old me a few weeks ago.

If your answer is “no,” why?

Maybe you totally need that money right now and being responsible is a key value. That’s great!

But, if “no,” what you’re doing now is NOT your ultimate job or calling.

Speaking with a 60 year old named Ron a few weeks ago, I learn that Ron has the money to do “whatever.” AND he chooses to use his skill as a builder, handyman and carpenter to serve others. He believes he’s been gifted for that purpose and has visions for building buildings that matter.

If you had 100 million dollars in the bank, and you could do whatever… what would you do? If it has NOTHING to do with what you’re doing now, then, at least take a step to find your ultimate “I wouldn’t need to get paid to do this thing.”

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