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25% Happier in 2021.... Here's How!

“Live each moment in a rampage of appreciation.” Wayne Dyer

Sure, happiness is not the be all end all.

But, maybe, like, me, you've experienced long seasons where you struggled to be happy or feel happy, It's a life stealer, right?! Wouldn't we all be wise to at least wonder and ask, “What might make 2021 an authentically happy year for me!?”

No, not the “just smile and wave” happy. Not the "NOT face reality happy"…. But the

  • Appreciating each day happy

  • Seeing beauty in the world happy

  • Seeing yourself as blessed (not cursed) happy

  • Seeing goodness in others happy

So, what if. Just what if... there was a scientific/measurable way to increase your happiness by 25% in 2021? Would it be worth a try?

And it’s possible: Simply by practicing a habit that can take you just a few minutes each day!

Here’s the eye-popping statistic:

People who keep gratitude journals are 25 percent happier.

Yep! This one practice really does make a measurable difference!!!

By simply recording what you are grateful for on a regular (best is daily) basis, studies show you ALSO

  • Sleep one half more hour a day

  • Exercise 33 % more

  • Lower your blood pressure by 10%

  • Decrease your dietary fat intake by 205

  • Feel and be more productive.

Not to mention, you have increased feelings of connectedness, improved relationships, feel more loving and even feel closer to God.

And those who actively practice gratitude have a greater sense of purpose and resilience.

I can clearly see my life before and after the practice of appreciation and gratitude. I have been doing it every single morning for almost 8 years now. It changed my life and is what inspired me to write the Habits of Hope a few years ago.

Besides brushing my teeth and drinking coffee, I hardly did anything each day until this!

Try it!

Over the month of January, get a designated place to write (paper, phone app or computer) Then write down at least 5 things you appreciate each day.

Start your day or end your day by doing it.

Let me know if you already do this or if you do it for the month of January!

May this be your happiest year ever!

Grateful for you!

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