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3 Doable Things Men Can Do to Activate Real Purpose (According to Their Wives!)

A few years ago, I read something from author Ken Blanchard that stopped me in my tracks.

"Most people are hungry to engage the deeper meaning of their lives. They just don't know where to start." If you're married, might your spouse have any input? Hmmmmmm..... Let’s face it, one of the hardest people is to hear any kind of critique from... is from our wives! They’re just so close to us! And... well... they’re just so close to us! So, a few years back, when my wife, Mindy, invited me to consider some things in my life she believed was holding me back, you'd think I would have been all ears. Nope. I did the "manly thing:" I became defensive. "You don't get it!" OK, so not proud of that. But I now think it's pretty foolish to ignore something our spouse sees in us. I think I even complained about the “way she said it." “Timing” of it. And certainly, that she "didn't REALLY know." Yet, I was struggling with some pretty chronic things keeping me back, keeping me stuck and holding back forward progress. Even if things were stagnant, I was closed off. And I really wasn’t loving my life.. and thus I wasn’t loving my life! But, for far too long I struggled with a consistent theme of being 1. Dissatisfied and unfulfilled in career. 2. Somewhat disappointed with God and in the Church. 3. Feeling alone with what was really going on in my life...even after having led a church for many years. And this lack of bigger purpose spilled over into my health, my emotions, and certainly my relationship with my family. At one point, we were on the verge of separation and I now realize I bore the biggest responsibility of the mess. How had things gotten this bad?! Alone in a cheep motel room, I wondered if change was possible! Something had to change. In the past decade, I have had to go on a personal journey to both get back my own soul and unlock what was keeping me stuck, stagnant and doing harm to the very things I said mattered most to me! I’m still on it this journey.. and will be for life. HOWEVER, I’m nowhere near where I once was. And over the last weekend, I was able to share some of my story with couples and one by one, the person who came to speak to me: the wife! A few expressed concern for their husbands: “How can I help my husband? I'm concerned for him." They weren't about to leave him (I don't think at least). However, they saw more for their husband than what he was experiencing. “How can I help my husband?” “I want the something more for him!” As a guy myself, I am convinced there are very doable things we can do. I blieve... 1. Most men do want something more.... they just don’t know what to tangibly do, especially in an already busy live. Not sure where to start. 2. They love their wives.. but many wonder if they really “get” what their worlds are like. 3. Often don’t feel like the Church speaks relevantly to the restlessness in their own souls. And we don’t trust other guys enough to talk about the real stuff bouncing around in our heads. SO, this summer my close friend, and Entrepreneur On Purpose partner, Gregg Stutts, decided to see if we learn what men needed. So, we asked those closes to them: their wives! We interviewed and polled wives asking them... ** “What do you think would lead to breakthrough for your husband? ** How can your husband experience breakthrough and deeper purpose?
 In this video, I will share the 3 doable things men can do to activate their full potential. Again - these were the top things wives picked!


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