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5 Pathways to Heal Your Low Energy Problem

I told the doctor I felt sluggish. “I have a hard time getting out of bed on many days.” “I feel fatigued. Unmotivated. Feel like I just wanted to crawl in a hole!" My energy wasn’t just low, it was lower than low! Was this what getting older felt like? Were my best days behind me? 
God bless him… He used the tools he had in front of him. He prescribed stuff for me. And for years I faithfully took those little pills. 
 At first, they seemed to help. I functioned. I felt somewhat better. I got out of bed. But over time, the pills didn’t do much. I started to sense they were just kind of decreasing my own personality and I was wondeirng who the real me was anyway. And my low energy challenge came back. Here’s what I learned - the low energy wasn’t the real problem - the real problem was something else. The symptoms included low energy. My fatigue and sadness were connected to something that was more than medical issue. By simply treating the physical symptoms to get rid of the pain, it was like taking aspirin to reduce the fever while the infection and inflamation continued to spread. You cut the unsightly leaves on the weed and wonder why the stuff grows back… even more insidious and ugly than before! Might your own low energy, fatigue, and lack of motivation be a symptom of things that ARE physical… but NOT JUST physical? And like many of us, you may need healing, but a way toward that heals, restores and even unlocks the vibrant you seeking to emerge! Now, I am not a doctor (and don’t even play one one TV!) so please don’t quit seeing doctors… especially the good ones. However, your low energy problem (or that of your spouse, child or friend) may be to beyond your biology. There are 5 key pathways to heal low energy… And, very importanly: THEY ARE ALL INTERRELATED. And many of us need healing very tangibly on one or more of these areas sooner rather than later.

1. Physical/Biological.

Yes, few of us have the bodies we really want. We don’t have the consistent energy. And we do need healing in areas of pain, in our diets, in our exercise and in ways to be our best.. not just get us past pain when we’re sick. We have so much more control over the health of our bodies than we often think. We can avoid disease and find healing through diets that energize us and keep us from “crashes.” Together, exercise and diet can relieve stress in our minds, bodies and even in relationships.

2. Psychologica/Thinking

Neuroscience (brain) expert Dr. Caroline Leaf believes that we have much more control over what happens in our brains and our bodies than had previously been taught. The news about most illness according to Dr. Leaf,

“Research shows that 75 to 98 percent of mental, physical, and behavioral illnesses come from one’s thought life. This staggering and eye-opening statistic means only 2 to 25 percent of mental and physical illnesses come from the environment and genes.” (from "Switch on Your Brain")

WOW! Even if she’s off by some, how come there’s so much time, energy and money spent on treating illness physically… and so little time, attention and training spent on teaching us how to create healthy thought habits?? Habits of Hope!? OK, so you can tell I’m a bit passionate about this! But how many doctors, schools or even churches are intentionally teaching people who to think to be healthy? Both Science and Scripture teach that the how we think affects us drastically. Though just twenty or so years ago, most researchers believed the brain wasn’t changeable and we were stuck with what our DNA decided, now the news is clear: Brains can change! It’s called “neuroplacticity” and means that as the Bible says,

“ For as a man thinks within himself, so he is.” (Proverbs 23:7)


“…Be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (Romans 12:2)

Studies now find that our bodies are healed and our energy rejeuvenated by simple habits of hope, like stopping in the midst of our days and listing 5 things we’re grateful for. The results aren’t even just slight. They’re transformative!

3. Social/Relational

Choosing to prioritize friendships and positive relationships heal our bodies, our minds and our souls! They increase health, longevity and a sense of purpose.

Many of us need healing in our relationships.

Look up “health and human relationships” on Google and you’ll see a flood of research and studies saying the same thing: Healthy relationships increase health in every other area and increase longevity and decrease disease.

How much low energy and burnout is caused by either isolation or a need for forgiveness and healing in key relationships?

4. Spiritual/Purpose

When we lack a bigger “Why” in our work, health or any part of life, we look for cheap substitutes or we lack motivation or energy.

Purpose is one of the least addressed sources or health and energy even longevity for most people. Lack it and you’ll find yourself watching the clock or feeling fatigued. When you have it, studies now show you’ll have lower levels or diabetes, heart disease, dementia and even live on average 7 years longer!

My friend, best selling author Richard Leider, says “What would you pay for a pill that would do those things?”

“A sense of life purpose promotes physical, mental, and spiritual health. People who seek meaning beyond themselves are healthier, happier, and live longer. It’s vital to our well-being that we maintain strong feelings of purpose and community.”

Imagine what kind of energy, creativity and well-being would be released if more and more people discovered and engaged their bigger purpose through their work and life?!

5. Financial/Money

Finally, money issues can have huge impact and cause low energy, fatigue or even depression. Having worked with hundreds of coaching and financial clients over the past 16 years, I see one thing everyone has in common: money matters to them. They all need it stay alive.

Sure, money issues and arguments create many of the marriage problems…. AND financial strategies and investments are a good thing, but what about the need for financial healing? What’s the stuff below the surface that causes debt, poverty mindsets and lack of ability to earn a great living?

Healing in money issues will only affect health, relationships, psychology and but may also empower you to live your purpose.


So, what do you think? Do you agree that each of these 5 areas affect each of the others.

Which of these areas are you most needing healing in?

Is one of them a lynchpin that could lead to healing and restoration in the others?

Are you open to taking real action? Maybe praying for healing in that area? Or reaching out for help and guidance? Developing a new habit of hope?

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