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5 Quick Questions to Unlock Your Purpose

It's been demonstrated and taught in the business world that companies that unlock their bigger "why" significantly outperform other companies... short term, and most importantly, long term.

Simon Sinek, famed for challenging companies to know their "Why" said, “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” ― Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action IMPACT OF PURPOSE FOR ORGANIZATIONS - Outperform peers by 600% over 10 years - 50% larger leadership pipeline - 36% greater likelihood for staff to promote the company as a great place to work - 20% higher employee retention But, importantly, knowing purpose is not just for companies. Individuals who discern a sense of purpose "Why" in their work do much better work! IMPACT OF PURPOSE FOR INDIVIDUALS (according to the Imperative Company ) - 64% more likely to be fulfilled at work - 54% more likely to make a meaningful impact - 51% more likely to have strong relationships WHAT?? Add what I shared in a recent post live longer, healthier and have better immune systems and you have good reason to know thy purpose! Yet, ask most people what their purpose is and ..... ???? Deer in headlight look. Can you state your purpose? If not, why not? So, with that in mind, how would you like to be able to? Be able to stand out? Be more fulfilled at work? Make a more meaningful impact? Be one of the few? Sure. Well, it doesn't need to take a long, long time. Years. Decades. But, you will need to grab a piece of paper and a journal and willingly and honestly answer 5 key unlocking purpose questions.

Here are the 5

1. Who are you?

In short, this could be your name. But you may also consider key identity things that define you at your best. (ex. I am Jeff Caliguire. Authentic lover of God, people and the outdoors. Creative one. Purposeful one)

2. Who do you most want to help?

Be as specific as you can here. You may even start by thinking of one single person. Then who are they as a group?

(ex. children, friends, spiritual groups, leaders, race or gender, marginalized, ill, students....)

3. What will you do to help them?

What skill will you use? What problem do they need to be solved? What will you give to them? How will you serve them?

You might do things like "listen to them," "coach them," "encourage them," "create tools for them," "entertain them," "bring them peace," "organize them," "invest for the future for them," "connect them."

4. What will happen in them (or through them) as a result?

How will their life/lives be different after they've encountered your authentic purpose?

Will they now be happy? Fed? Clothed? Educated? Fully alive?

5. How will the world be different because you did it?

Now here's the "think BIG" part. If you do what you do and succeed helping who you help.... how will the world be different 10 years from now? 50 years from now? What is there more of? What's better? On one piece of paper write these down. I am.... I help _________ to _________ so that they _________ and we experience more __________ in the world.

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