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5 Signs You Need a MasterMind Group to Succeed (and Thrive!)

I feel compelled to become an evangelist for something I spent way, way too long without... and don’t want to see you do what I did. I think almost anyone who leads a business, organization or church needs one. Anyone wanting to unlock their unique potential needs one. I KNOW anyone who’s an entrepreneur needs one. When led right, a good MasterMind makes the difference between success and failure. And even more importantly, in my own experience, between thriving soul and shattered soul. Between directed and clear vision and between directionless and fuzzy wishes. In the last year, I BOTH joined a group of other entrepreneurs and co-founded a MasterMind group with my long time pal and college roommate, Gregg Stutts. What I’m about to share is what I’ve experienced. It’s what I wish I hadn’t waited so long to join and create.

So, what do I mean by MasterMind? Here’s my definition.

A good MasterMind is an intentional community of leaders or entrepreneurs coming together to collectively empower one another to succeed and thrive while doing what they do best. They bring synergy, energy and commitment in order to proactively raise the bar by challenging each other to clarify dreams and callings, overcome fears, brainstorm possibilities and implement goals. As Napoleon Hill said, they coordinate “the knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” And very powerfully, when you bring God and His Spirit into the mix, you supercharge all of that! Really importantly, group members do so with total honesty, respect and commitment to each other. Again, as I said, I didn’t have or lead a group for most of my life! That’s changed as of this year. I plan to never again be without a good MasterMind. Do you need one?

Here are 5 signs you need a good MasterMind group to succeed and thrive while doing what you do best. 1. You want to ELEVATE A DREAM OR CALLING to action stage.

My personal pet peeve here: far, far too many people will go to their graves with “the music still in them.” They dream of making a difference, creating something beautiful or building a life, not just making a living. They may even have a sense of calling or destiny. 
And they don’t. And maybe they feel they can’t! Arrgghhhh!! By, intentionally joining a good MasterMind, sharing the vision, dream or calling, the potential for action goes up exponentially. When you invest money and time in the group, you’ve basically put your resources where you say your heart is. On the flip side: if you're NOT willing to invest in your own growth and accountability, you likely aren’t committed to the dream, vision or calling. It’s that simple. Just be honest. Is NOW your time? If so, you need a good MasterMind!

2. You want to END ISOLATION in your work, leadership or entrepreneurship.

Another pet peeve... This one comes from my own experience that includes discouragement, depression, and the almost loss of my marriage and family because of ME. Going alone in purposeful ventures isn’t wise! Do you hear that? If you plan to journey to the moon, build, join or enlist a team. Climbing Mount Everest is not a solo venture. Neither is starting, growing or establishing a purpose-driven business, organization or invention. My mother in-law hung this saying on her wall for many years and I’m convinced good MasterMind groups live this out: “Good friendships always multiply our joy and divide our grief.” Real friends will bring out the best in you. And according to one study, the best predictor or job satisfaction: having real friends in your workplace! So, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, why wouldn’t you intentionally form such friendships? That’s what a good MasterMind can bring.

3. You want to EXPEL FEAR from your decision making.

Just imagine having the honest feedback of an honest group who will challenge you to act in faith, not fear. Here’s exactly what I heard from my group a few weeks ago: “Jeff, we need to stop you there. What you’re saying just isn’t true. Is that coming from fear? The words your speaking are lies. Can you see that?” I was had! My own self-deceptive words were exposed! But, that was what I needed! How many times have you made a decision to act or not act... and the real motivation was fear? Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of looking bad. Fear of someone else’s disapproval. 

Wow! Like something out of the book of Proverbs:

“The wounds of a friend can be trusted.” (Proverbs 27:6)

A good MasterMind group will empower you to expel your fears.

4. You want to EXPLORE NEW WAYS TO MOVE FORWARD in a safe environment.

One of the best pieces of advice learned the hard way I can share: don’t entrust your dreams, visions and ideas to just anyone! Most will not understand. Most cannot see what you see. Most will not walk with you or even want you to succeed!

But the right feedback, process or even just questioning you about your idea. That’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Again a Proverb: “Plans are established by seeking advice; if you wage war, obtain guidance.” (Proverbs 20:18)

There’s an element to building purposeful business that’s very much liken going to war!

One of the first things a president does when elected, surround himself (or herself!) with wise advisors, cabinet members and trusted input.

So, why again, would you not need that? Why would that not be a top priority?

Again, I’m speaking as one who started a church, a non-profit and several businesses without this! I needed it. I just wasn’t intentional.

5. You want to EMPOWER OTHERS to succeed too!

I honestly didn’t realize how important this element was to being part of a good MasterMind. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch others kill their fears and launch their dreams!

By serving others and serving their visions and dreams, we find ourselves with a satisfaction money can’t buy! AND we then want to emulate their success and be challenged by their willing ness to

  • Write their book.

  • Get new clients

  • Create training videos

  • Rebuild their marriages

  • Ask for the funding

  • Sell a huge opportunity

  • Trust God and not worry!

Just watch. Mountain climbers always help each other. And when they’re busy helping each other get to the top of the mountain, they begin to notice they too are at the top of their mountain

Conclusion and Action.

A good MasterMind just won’t happen. It takes intentionality and leadership.

Notice, I’ve used the word “good” before MasterMind almost every time I’ve used the word. Some groups that call themselves "MasterMinds" aren't good groups. Wrong people. Wrong process. Wrong leadership.

There are some keys to experiencing and creating a GOOD MasterMind.

Are you ready to discover how to experience or create a GOOD MasterMind?

And that’s what I’m really excited to help you with!

PS. If you’re ready to experience or create a good MasterMind with all 5 of those qualities, would you e-mail me to let me know? 5 Signs You Need a MasterMind Group to Succeed (and Thrive!) will work.

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