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Are You Ready for the PURPOSE ECONOMY?

I was even more surprised than I thought I’d be by what I heard! Yesterday, I sat in a corporate boardroom surrounded by some influential financial industry executives and thought leaders discussing the future of the financial industry… and in particular the role that Purpose plays in this new world. The common belief: Purpose is the most significant trend happening in the business world of today. What? Purpose?! Yes, purpose! One of those credible thinkers said, “This wasn’t on most people’s radar even just two years ago. But it’s happening fast! Those in the financial industry who don’t get on board will be left behind. Frankly, I was surprised. And encouraged. And challenged. And in some ways still in disbelief! What does purpose have to do with the financial industry? 
Author and popular lecturer Aaron Hurst says“Much like technology a few decades ago,” he says “The Purpose Economy How Your Desire for Impact, Personal Growth and Community is Changing the World.”) The information shared in our financial meeting and study include scientific, psychological, medical and financial research showing that discovering and engaging purposes changes things in radical ways. Clear purpose creates the monumental increase in

  • Health (less heart disease, stroke, dementia….)

  • Longevity (Average at least 7 more years of life!)

  • Job satisfaction (64% more likely to be fulfilled!)

  • Business growth (companies with purpose outperform peers by 600% over ten years!)

  • Leadership (50% larger leadership pipelines in purpose companies!)

Is this some kind of magic pill? If so "Where did it come from and how much does it cost?” It’s free! IF …. IF you are willing to do what it takes to discover AND engage your purpose. In a nutshell, a purpose economy involves business and work tapping into our deep seated desire to, as Richard Leider describes, “jump out of bed in the morning excited to do what we do.” To live a life of meaning and deep fulfillment. It’s being involved in creating meaningful change in the world. It’s having a sense that what you're here to do really matters. It’s knowing we did something that serves others. And purpose involves three significant benefits in those that find it and engage it: 1. Greater Impact: The ability to do impactful work that goes beyond yourself. 2. Deeper Relationships: You have meaningful relationships as a part of a team or community working together for something bigger than just you. 3. Increased Personal Growth: Purpose spurs the desire for personal growth where you know WHY you need to be changing, investing in yourself free to share your voice. And desire for that kind of purpose is embedded in our DNA! We thrive when we have it! Yet, for most of our lives, purpose was seen as irrelevant or disconnected from things like business, health, finances and relationships. Nice, but kind of like political third parties ,kind of irrelevant. However, in our day, that’s changing. Ask the millennial generation. “Does purpose (or purposeful work) matter to you? Even more than money?” Listen to them! Though other generations may have seen this as a “luxury,” many now see it as a necessity. . Hurst make the bold claim, “It is likely in fewer than 20 year, the pursuit of purpose will eclipse the third American economy - The Information Economy.” Really? Do people really care that much about purpose?? YES!! And it unleashes something powerful in those that find it. An unstoppable force! In her book, The Big Picture, author and professor Dr. Christine Whelan sites a USA Today poll where people were asked, “If you could ask God or a Supreme Being one question and get a direct and immediate answer, I would ask:?” The top answers..

1. What is my purpose here? 39%

2. Will I have life after death? 28%

3. Why do bad things happen? 14%

Wow! Even tops wondering about life after death, we humans want to know, “WHY AM I HERE?”

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