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Do you agree that it's almost impossible to sell something you don't really believe in? Even for the good paycheck. At least for long?

It's one reason so many end up "HATING SALES!"

Have you experienced the 'non-evangelism" selling? A bit more than a decade ago, the Wall Street firm I worked with tried to convince me to sell these things called "mortgage-backed securities." Sure glad I didn't!

A very different approach to marketing and selling has been called "the art of evangelism" by Guy Kawasaki. It involves a whole different approach. I think it's life-giving!

If "evangelism" means "good news," or "good message" then how do you discover your own "good message?" Should you?

Knowing your good news can be the difference between my results in selling mortgage-backs and you being able to powerfully spread a message you're fired up to share!

Important message: You can't take a job selling just any product, service or idea. Ultimately you may need to leave the one that's not a fit. Life's too short to sell something you don't care about.

Sadly, I've watched too many people seek to sell ideas or products they can't be excited about, and they flounder with minimal results. No fire in their bellies!

AND most education or parenting hasn't equipped us to find and deploy our evangelistic message. Let's face it; it's hard to be obsessed or compelled to share most products. And if asked, most don't feel themselves to be fully evangelistic about much, if anything.

So, how can YOU find and take part in the art of evangelism?

1. What’s the CAUSE that captivates you?

What do you care about that will make the world a better place? Yes, it can be spiritual but can also something that brings health, well-being, joy, freedom, etc.…

Personally, I'm obsessed to coach people to live into their purpose and potential in life, finances, and business! I can't NOT do it! I think about it every single day and love doing it.

2. What CHANGED your own life?

If it made you happier, freer, healthier or more alive, consider becoming an evangelist for free or as a way to get paid!

3. What do you CARE about that others need?

Best case, "sharing is caring!" You share what you care about. You read about, follow it and use it yourself!

  • My friend Colin Wickstrom, of Wickstrom Ford, loves cars! He can't help himself! I haven't bought a car from anyone else in years!

  • I buy Isogenix from Randy Whitaker because he lives and breathes the change it makes in his life.

  • I go to Ali for my back. She's an alternative health specialist, a former paraplegic who was transformed by the process she now practices.

4. What CATATLZES your selfless actions?

Ultimately, the most energized evangelists would do what they do for free if they could. What would you do that you wouldn't need to get paid for?

True, no one wants to be proselytized or someone's agenda or be a "sales number." Personally, I dream of releasing a new generation of people who practice the art of evangelism.

Can you see that can change the world for good?

Have a great day!

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