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Engage in Prophetic Time Travel!

There’s a newspaper clip from 1953 now making its way across social media and it’s pretty wild!

It’s an actual news article from the Tacoma News Tribune … IT’S SO RIGHT ON that I actually had to check it out in Snopes!

And Snopes seems to think it’s real!

The article is called, There’ll Be No Escape in Future From Telephones and it’s by Mark R. Sullivan, San Francisco, who was president and director of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co. in the 1950’s.

Here’s what he said IN 1953!! That’s 66 years ago when phones looked like this…

“Just what form the future telephone will take is, of course, pure speculation. Here is my prophecy:

  • “In its final development, the telephone will be carried about by the individual, perhaps as we carry a watch today.”

“It probably will require no dial or equivalent, “

“and I think the users will be able to see each other, if they want, as they talk.”

  • “Who knows but what it may actually translate from one language to another?”

Imagine trying to think of what things will be like in 2085!!!??

  • Cars 66 years from now? (Will we even still need them??)

  • Food in 2085?

  • Medicine in 2085?

  • Phones in 2085?

That’s what Mark R. Sullivan did.

It's been said, maybe by Peter Drucker, "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Maybe that's the best thing we can do… TODAY. Engage in our own prophetic time travel by working our imagination.

Get quiet. Relax. Breathe. Then spend just a few minutes and ask:

What do I wish were better than it is today?

  • In my life?

  • In my health?

  • In my work?

  • In the world?

What would make people’s lives better if it was more effective? Or smaller? Or more invisible?

Your imagination has so much more power than your naked eye. Let's learn from Mark R. Sullivan! Exercise it, put it to work!

Maybe what you see today will make its rounds around social media in 2085! Or make its way between galaxies!? Or to the invisible people... or wherever : )

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