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Healing Your Career Path

Do you believe this?

"There is no disease God cannot heal. He took our sickness and removed our diseases." (Matthew 8:17 paraphrase)

So what about when the thing diseased in your life is your career path.. or lack thereof?

Is that even something that affects your spiritual life? Can THAT be healed?

Yes! Can I say that again? Yes!

If your spiritual life involves living a life of peace, purpose, and love, your career can't NOT be a part of your spiritual life.

I was in my mid 30's when I first started to realize my work was a disconnect. I'd been to seminary and had a Masters of Theology (ThM.) had pastored for a decade but no one had ever entirely shed light on that issue.

Work was work. Business was business. Spirituality was, well elusive. Otherworldly.

As spiritual people, what we do, or don't do "9 to 5" CAN'T NOT be part of our spiritual story.

French Philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin made this connection. He said,

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Work affects our souls. And ill-fitting, frustrating, empty and soulless work can make us spiritually weak or sick. "God, where are you at work?"

That's my own story. And that's the story of many I've worked with over the years. Their work was slowly killing them… spiritually. This career disconnect affects them emotionally, relationally and often physically.

This pic is what it can feel like...

Needing healing in your career path is possible. And "there's no disease God cannot heal."

And healing looks like

  • Clarity

  • Freedom

  • Energy

  • Enjoyment

  • Purpose

  • Wholeness

First step: be open to such healing. Pray for it. "Seek and you will find."

Next: as I just did for my hurt back, seek out a healer. Be open to having someone else help you find healing for your career path or your leadership path.

Life's too short to stay sick if healing is possible. Your time is now.

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