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How Action Cures Fear

“Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.” Malcolm Gladwell

Action cures fear.

That’s just SO simple. And SO true!

Think on it.

Too often we live in our own hell in our heads thinking we’re in a world of trouble and impossibility…. We sabotage our own gifts and potential simply by doing…. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Zip.

Or we do nothing but ruminate on how stuck we are, how inadequate we are or how controlled by outside forces we are.

And so we become fearful of living lives of mediocrity, failure and maybe worst of all, regret.

Here are two of the most powerful ideas that cure what I call this “No Action Jackson” disease.

1. Believe in your future self.

That’s right. Believe in future you!

Recognize that your current and future self are two different people. See the true you of the future who acts with clarity and confidence.

Actor Matthew McConaughey during his speech after winning an Academy Award for Best Actor explained who his “hero” was.

McConaughey said “You know who it is? It’s me in ten years!”

And he went on to explain how ten years from now, it will be him in ten years. “My hero’s always ten years away.”

The point: live TODAY into your future self!

One day you will become your future self.

Question: Did that future self act… or live in fear and possibly regret?

Your future self takes courageous action, don’t they?

2. Commit to act courageously with no regrets

Here’s a little coaching trade secret.

The simple most powerful thing that often happens in a coaching session is this: the person coached commits to take action.

Commits mean they say a public and full body "YES."

They say a simple “I’ll do it.” "I'm in!" "I will!"

  • Make the phone call

  • Ask for forgiveness

  • Write down my vision

  • Write a chapter of the book

  • Ask for the business

  • Go to sleep earlier

  • Start each day with prayer and meditation

  • Quit the drinking

And the magic happens! They overcome their fear and they do it!

Action cures fear!

What’s your action for today?

Have a great week!

With you in the purposeful journey,

Coach Jeff

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