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How to Turn Your Stress Into Success

We still kid my mom about her famous saying (cue New Jersey accent) “You know…. Stress is the worst thing for ya!”

And in almost every single way, Momma C’s absolutely right! From releasing excess cortisol, to impairing immune systems, shrinking brain networks, causing premature aging, and wreaking havoc on the cardiovascular system. Stress is the worst thing for you. EXCEPT… when it’s not. It’s very possible that your stress may actually be your key to your success. It may EXACTLY be the most significant thing that unlocks your purpose and your destiny. “What?” you might be thinking. “Does Jeff turn everything to purpose or destiny?? Well, hear me out. OK? Your stress, that feeling of anxiety, uneasiness and tension that’s wreaking havoc… It may be what you need to tune into to take some key action sooner rather than later. Disclaimer: If you’re someone who doesn’t have any stress and can’t understand those that do. Then don’t bother reading this. Click exit. (OR forward to a friend or family member who may need to read this. In love of course. : ) HOWEVER, if you have currently or are dealing with stress, then it may be time to act. Waking up with worry in the middle of the night and being sleepless isn't a status quo that needs to persist. Feeling tense in business situations or social situations is not just “the way you are.” Struggling to put yourself out there isn’t a personality type. Maybe you’re not feeling like you’re able to risk yourself and speak your truth,… well, my hope is that this encourages you. When stressed, here are three things to tuen your stress into success.

1. DETECT THE STRESS that tells you something’s got to change.

Once you feel tightness in the chest, ick in the stomach, tension in the shoulders or sweaty palms, your body's telling you you need to either seek flight or fight. Flight means, get out of the situation. Don’t keep putting yourself here. Leave this toxic work situation or relationship. 
Fight: Well, that means, you need to address what’s making your anxious, tense and tight. Go after it. Ignoring stress over a period time and doing nothing about it will lead to the opposite of success. It will lead to reacting from fear or even wearing yourself out. 
So, first step is to notice, “Hmmmmm this is stressful. Let’s do something about it.” And ask, “What’s stressing me out right now?” "How come?"

2. DECIDE what needs to change.

After years of ignoring my own body… (weight gain. muscle tension. An inability to sleep more than a few hours in a row…. ) I realized I was doing everything that the defines “insanity” I was “doing the same things over and over again hoping things would change.”

For me it was this. “I was in the wrong job and career.” I was not going to experience success as long as I felt like an imposter every Monday morning. And I lacked "habits of hope." (learn more about that here)

And maybe that’s you too.

But your stress may also be telling you to change….

  • Your diet

  • Your health

  • Your beliefs about yourself, or your life

  • Your expectations

  • Your relationships

  • Your financial situation

  • Your spiritual practices (or lack of them)

  • Your willingness to live in the truth of a situation

What’s needing to change?

AND... Might you facing THIS STRESS be what unleashes your greatest success? Your biggest breakthrough? Your destiny.

If that’s the case, your stress may be the most significant gift in your life at this point…. IF you do something with it.


3. DEFEAT it.

Stress untreated or addressed will eventually kill you. So, defeat it quickly. 83 percent of stressed Americans will do this. Nothing. (according to study through the Huffington Post) It’s not working well. Instead, try this. Breathe deeply. Our shallow, stressed breathing is not serving us. Deep breathing allows our brain to reset our neurotransmitters and clear the body of the stress residue. Be quiet. Be able to get away and ask the questions about what’s at the core of your stress. Ask what you may be being guided to change. To transform. Speak to Yourself. In the Bible, the writer of the Psalms asks, “Why are you downcast Oh my soul? Why disturbed within me?” (Psalm 42:15) Sometimes we need to stop listening to the voice in our head and speak to it. "You're OK." "Things are gonna be fine." "I'm confident."

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