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Is It Time to Make A Decision?

I know there are themes for seasons of life and all. However, I’ve also discovered there to be “quotes of the season.” And my personal quote of the summer season comes from Tony Robbins about making decisions. (Sorry Donald and Hillary!) What he says is so key to being fired up both now and in the next season! CONSIDER THE QUOTE FROM TONY R.

“Most don’t have the guts to make tough decisions because they want to make the right decision… so they make no decisions.. and that’s a decision.”

Wow! True that! Right? Wouldn't we find so much more peace, power and purpose, if we intentionally made good decisions sooner rather than later? Or never? Instead, it's easy to wonder. Wait. Do nothing. Do more of nothing. Worry. And, instead of finding ourselves fired up for the next season, (or the next day!) we can get stuck and numb in the now. And God’s not honored. You’re family’s not honored and you get the sense of being only partially alive. Fired up?? No! Many of us do it! We don’t make decisions and we lack real commitment to our

  • Fitness

  • Relationships

  • Walk with God

  • Work

  • Success

Yes, summer’s a great time to recoil, recalibrate and recreate from weighty decisions… but as August comes and you want to be fired up for the fall, you’ll want to be ready to move forward and make key decisions. The right one of course!

Here’s how.

1. Consider the Picture of You on Fire!

Actually get a visual picture of you being “fired up” and “committed.”

What are you doing?

Where are you?

Who are you with?

Just this week, as I finished with a coaching session, my client exclaimed, “Jeff, you’re on fire!”

And to tell you the truth, I was! I was tuned in, excited and using my best gifts to serve them.

And the reason that’s so significant to me is that I spent many years where I was hardly, if ever, “on fire!” I went for years without feeling like I was fully in my zone, alive or free to be the real me in my work and life.

And isn't life too short to not be on fire?!

So, what does "on fire look like?"

A great way to clarify when you’ll be on fire this fall is to recognize when you were on fire in the past?

Can you get a picture? Draw it. Write it and describe it. Ask someone who knows you well: “When have you seen me ‘on fire?’

2. Consciously Fan the Flames of Your Fire

In the Bible, Paul challenged Timothy, “Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.” (I Timothy 4:14)

The reason Paul told Timothy this: For some reason, Timothy wasn’t “all in” in using his best gifts! He was failing as a steward, not with his money…but with his abilities and gifts.

It's possibly to have gifts you're not really using to the full. Do you believe that?

When you don’t fan your fire, you’re actually a poor steward of the whole you. The real you!

And that may happen IF you aren’t consciously investing in your own growth. Or if you aren't fanning into flames ALL you have to offer.

Some questions

How can you best further your gifts NOW?

What can you read?

Who can mentor you?

What do you need to practice more of? (and less of?)


3. Commit Your Whole Self!

You watch! No Olympic athlete (certainly the ones that win gold medals) have NOT made a decision to be all in and fully committed. They had the guts to make a decision and stay the course when the going go tough.

Yes, you may need to say “no” to that other opportunity. That other career. That other path. But, when you fan the flames of the real you NOW, everyone wins!

So… heads up.. I’m gonna be peppering you with inspirational stuff and opportunities over the coming weeks to fan flames this fall.

This fall… don’t settle for anything less than you on fire!

If you’d like to talk about how to get there… respond with “let’s talk” and we’ll go from there!

Blessings your way!


PS. Two of us just back from two serving opportunities on two sides of the country and met Mindy in Terminal B in Denver. Great to be home... at least for 2 days!

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