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Transforming Days One AM at a Time: My Journey with the "Be ALIVE" Morning Routine

I totally get it (in my head) that how you start your day has the potential to impact for good or bad your state of mind, your health, your happiness and of course your leadership success!

HOWEVER, in the past, I used to joke about Mindy's morning ritual, where she greeted each day with a cheerful "Good morning Lord!"

Meanwhile, my own wake-up call consisted of a grumbled "Good Lord! Morning!" "Do I need to get up? Now?"

Labeling myself as "NOT a morning person," I would hit snooze repeatedly before rushing out the door, leaving Mindy behind with a hurried "Crud! I'll be late! Bye Mindy!"

Reflecting on those rushed mornings, I couldn't help but wonder how they impacted my state of mind, my soul, my work and my relationship with Mindy. (I know what she would say!)

I could delve into the myriad of reasons why changing my morning routine has not only made me appreciate the early hours but has also significantly improved my health, outlook on life, and relationships—a return on investment far surpassing the time I've dedicated to it.

After numerous experiments, I finally found a morning routine that resonated with me.

I'm excited to share it at the Reach Your Goals Retreat this Friday (the 23rd), where I'll empower others to transform their mornings.

But for those unable to attend, here's a condensed version of my routine:


Be - BE AND BREATHE: Start by simply being present. Embrace the silence, fill your lungs intentionally, and exhale deeply. This can be a moment of meditation or mindfulness.

A – APPRECIATE THE GOOD: Take a moment to jot down everything you're grateful for, no matter how small or large.

L – LISTEN AND LEARN: Engage deeply with scripture, devotional thoughts, or inspirational readings.

I – INSTILL: Reflect on affirmations and personal commitments that uplift your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.

V – VISUALIZE: Clarify your daily goals by answering three focus questions and visualize yourself accomplishing each of them.

E – EXERCISE: Get your body moving! Whether it's a brisk walk outdoors, weightlifting, or swimming, prioritize physical activity.

Establishing these habits may take time, but the rewards are worth it.

And if you're interested, join me live this Friday, February 23 in Arvada, Colorado, where we'll explore how to create daily routines that powerfully impact your overall well-being and goal achievement. [LINK HERE]

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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