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One Unusually Powerful Way To Simplify Your Life This Year

Simple. Ahhhh. .. Doesn't that sounds so nice? Particularly at a time of the year where things call out to us, "Do more! Get me done! Give to me! Feed me! Feed me!" I never thought I'd be encourging, even challenging others to simplicity! Now, I can't even help myself and I want to implore you towards simplicity! Challenge. Cajole. Plead even! Why?? Imagine the coming year being a year of incredible, life-giving simplicity!? At a time when so many much threatense to make our lives more and more complex... INSTEAD SIMPLIFY LIFE! SIMPLIFIFY FOCUS! SIMLIFIFY SIMPLIFYING!

3. Can feel unattainable at our stage of life. (whatever the stage, really!)

A path to simplicity exists. YET few know and even fewer practice. AND few were ever taught this powerful connection. AND few will go with you if you head this way. Here it is. ****Simplicity comes from discovering and engaging your vision.***** By vision, I'm talking about clarity of picture of a desirable and meaningful future. No, not any old vision. Your real vision. YOUR vision. The vision God created for you. Knowing your vision empowers you to cut, simplify, let go and actually do more. Way, way more! When you know, REALLY KNOW, what God wants for you in your life and business, it reduces the stress and struggle of needing to do everything, be everything and certainly say yes to everything. No longer do circumstances hold sway and dictate decisions.

Decisions become simpler. Pretty much everything in life become simpler and more purposeful. * Work becomes simpler. * Leadership becomes simpler. * Marriage become simpler. (especially when you and your spouse share a vision!) * Deciding education becomes simpler. (Not study stuff... but study with purpose) * Making good health choices becomes simpler. * Choosing recreation even become simpler! Vision can keep us from being a generalist or jack of all trades, master of none. Why don't more people know their vision? (Ask most people "What is your vision?" You'll get deer in the headlights. Sad, but true!) Here are three key reasons most don't or won't know their vision. 1. Most don't ask know to ask God to show them that vision. "Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened to you." What if it starts by asking God? Hmmmm... Are we even open to that? 2. Most don't take the time and focus to seek out that vision. Even if we know we can, taking action to seek that vision won't just happen. Without intentionality, most people (and most businesses, organizations, even churches) won't discover THEIR vision. Finding vision that simplifies tends to take breathing speace, time and action devoted to finding or receving that vision. 3. Most haven't had a credible or available guide help them discover their vision (or teach them how key this is to life and leadership!) Few vision-finding guides exist in the world.... others that help others find and engage their vision.

And few teachers will tell you that unlocking your vision changes everything. If you're not motivated to discover vision (or do the vision work.. it likely won't happen)

HOWEVER, some more reasons to do step one, two and three above. When you clarify your real vision... Even your destiny:

1. It dicates decisions. 2. You'll lead others who will want what you have. 3. You won't be tempted to waste time. (certainly as tempted!) 4. You will be feel fully alive! And... as I started saying, knowing vision leads to simplicity. Then, once you know your vision, discipline feels purposeful and much, much easier. TRY THIS: BEFORE setting goals, resolutions or putting things on your calendar for next year: Do this first: Seek your vision.

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