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Slow Productivity… It’s a Thing

by Jeff Caliguire

Every once in a while, some wisdom strikes like meaningful lightning.

Recently, one of my leadership and coaching heroes, Dan Sullivan, shared,

“Do three main things each day. If you do, you’ll end up doing 1,000 meaningful things a year. That’s far more than most ever do!”

Hits me! How about you? And this guy’s a productive legend!

In an age where far too many are quiet quitting, feeling empty, overwhelmed, or burning out around us, we somehow STILL believe that you need to “hustle,” “burn the candle at both ends,” and do a lot more.

Good news! The relentless pace doesn’t need to be you! The overload that’s wearing us down is generated by a philosophy that says good work requires constant busyness, which means constant email availability, more tasks, and many more hours than typical.

Less really is more…

However, it involves doing the right less in the right way.

And the “slower productivity” movement has shown itself for knowledge workers to create a sustainable AND effective manner of operating. It involves:

  • Doing fewer things each day (2, maybe 3 focuses each day)

Before you start each day, determine those 2 or 3 things.

  • Working at an unhurried pace

Whenever you find yourself rushed or even frantic, take two deep breaths... then stop! Let it go. People still get heart attacks living that way, you know. You unhurried is your best you!

  • Caring deeply about quality

The world needs your best, not your "good enough."

This email may be a wake-up call to do less… better.

Instead of taking on more, find your “genius focus,” sidestep the hurry, and be countercultural… and way more productive in what matters most!

With you and for you,

Coach Jeff

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