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Taking Cues From Cubs.. DREAMS NEED TEAMS

Anyone who’s ever had a vision and a dream knows the loneliness of it. The “Are you crazy” factor from within and without.” The middle of the night sweats. The faltering belief that things can change. We all experience draught in life… particularly as it relates to leadership, livelihood and the things we love most. Have you felt the downright nuttiness of it? So, as I’m watching today’s Cubs World Series Celebration in Millennium Park , I am riveted to the screen and tears fill the eyes more than once. What makes this so special is to know we've all just witnessed the screeching end of a 108 draught that’s spanned generations. I have friends who’ve since passed away, never getting to witness their beloved Cubbies achieve victory. (Yet trusting God’s given them some sort of front row seat discount from the upper bleachers!) And because I’m a life-lesson nerd, I can’t help but seeing some cool lessons that apply to all of us. Cubs fans or not, we can take these cues from the Cubs. Things can change our today and tomorrow as it did for the Cubs and their throngs of believers. I’m sure there are multiple life life lessons here. But there’s one huge one that sticks out to me. DREAMS NEED TEAMS. God didn’t put us on this earth to make it all about us. As Rick Warren so powerful started his book The Purpose Driven Life, “It’s not all about you.” Playing for a bigger purpose and many people makes life meaningful.

1. Playing FOR and WITH Others Changes Everything

Just moments ago, Tom Ricketts, Chairman of the Chicago Cubs speaking before the Cub-loving-throngs gathered on the Millennium Park lawn said,

“You don’t win the World Series by accident. You win the World Series because you have great people working together for a common goal.”

It’s so tempting to get caught into our own universe of “what about me?” It’s human nature. But, humanness at it’s best defeats that destructive voice with the belief that YOU MATTER and I’m here for you!” Every successful team and military operation knows that when we fight for “them,” the level of play goes through the roof. We’re all so hungry to be part of something bigger than just us with others we love. And when we create or recognize that kind of team win, the whole world gets better. Who are you playing FOR? What will happen when THEY win?

2. You May Need to Recruit Your Team

Theo Epstein, Cubs President of Baseball Operations said,

“These people didn’t get here by accident. They had to be found”

Some of us have our team already fully in place. Others don’t ….. yet.

WHO do you need to surround yourself with as teammates, coaches, mentors and supporters?They may be what makes all the difference.

The temptation is to continually think we could or should do it on our own. So we spend abundance of our precious time and energy doing things we were never gifted to do and actually harm our progress. We think, “I don’t need advisors. I can figure it out.”

Don’t waste your time going sans team!

When I set out to finish a book this year (started circa 2007) I made one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time by hiring a gifted coach, a Phd. editor, a creative designer and a specialized publisher. And it worked! (If you haven’t already, check out my new book, "The Habits of Hope!” See what you think)

Who’s on your team? Do they know it?

3. Appreciate Your Team Constantly

Ben Zobris, World Series MVP said,

“This is definitely a team award. This is a team filled with MVP’s…. All year long we battled together.”

When you win, remember who helped you get there! Friends. Family. Teammates. Coaches. Supporters. We can’t appreciate enough those people often enough. Let them know.

What team members need to know you appreciate them?

4. Never… Never… Never Give Up!

When down 3 to 1 in games, veteran catcher David Ross spoke to his team and told them,

“We are the best team. We’ve won three games in a row this year. We’re gonna do it again. One game. One pitch at a time.”

Teams down 3 to 1 in a World Series have a sixteen percent chance of winning the series! Not great odds. But why should we let odds determine our destiny!?

Even great teams experience setbacks and defeats. But, when you play for a bigger win, giving up and quitting isn’t an option.

How can you possibly quit when it’s your

  • Life purpose

  • Mission that matters

  • Fulfillment of a promise

  • Calling

  • Destiny

  • Vow to those you love, even vow to God.


This may be your year to see the dream turn into reality. Every dream needs a team. Build it and they will come! What do you think? Two key questions for today 1. What's your dream? 2. Who's your team? PS. Get in touch if you've got a dream needing a coach as part of your team. I'll offer you a complementary, no obligation "Big Shift Consultation."

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