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Unlocking the Incredible, Credible Power of Your Story

I’ve actually used the letters after my name on a few occasions. Jeffrey D. Caliguire ThM. I can tell you from experience. No one really cares all that much. “What’s a ThM??” What most do care about, me included, is so concisely summed up by a man who was born blind about 2000 years ago. In the book of John when confronted about his beliefs by a skeptical mob, this man’s response quickly quieted them and captured their attention:

“One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see.” (John 9:25)

Wow! Talk about convincing and relevant evidence! Blind? See? In the same way, there’s almost nothing more powerful and important than YOUR OWN STORY when it comes to many important things in life. This also applies to your business, your vision or your entrepreneurial exploits. When you know your story, believe your story and actively share your story, things happen! Business grows. People get connected. But, you gotta know your story. You gotta know how it relates to your product, service or venture. You gotta know how to share it in a way that’s both real and compelling. What aspects of your story matter?

1. How were You “Blind?”

What was lacking in your own life at one point? What was missing BEFORE you encountered the product, process or program?

Clearly, the blind man was missing his eyesight. And as you might imagine, it affected his life in negative ways and kept him from doing or accomplishing things he might have accomplished.

Before I discovered the things I now teach others about career, leadership and entrepreneurship, I was feeling stuck, unfulfilled, overwhelmed and like a failure in my life and career. It affected my health, my relationships and even my beliefs about the goodness of God and life. I still carry some of those scars.

What scars do you carry? In what ways was your life, your leadership or your livelihood affected BEFORE you discovered or engaged your work, your product or your program? How might you still carry some scars today?

2. But (What happened?)

As you might imagine, if you were to come upon the blind man who was now seeing, you would almost instantly ask, “WHAT HAPPENED?”

Typically, transformation happens when we learn something, encounter something or someone or change something in our lives.

The best salespeople know how to share what happened..... and imply, “This can happen to you too!”

So, what did you learn that made all the difference and now makes you want to help others, sell this to others or serve others so they too can encounter a better way of life, business or growth?

3. Now You See

Finally, let’s face it, even if the process or your product are cool or intriguing, what engages others to take action are the key benefits. There’s a tangible payoff for the work or the price.

When you can name the benefits in your own life with words that others understand and relate to, they will be inspired to take action as well. And if you believe in those results, you’ll want that for them! You’ll realize you’re basically doing them a disservice NOT to invite them to discover what you’ve found.

If I now have “purpose,” “make money doing what I love,” “feel passionate every day in my work,” “experience God using me in business,” or “get to be part of changing the world for good,” might others want and need that as well? Totally!

How about you? Did using your product enable you to “have more energy than you’ve had in years?” “Fit in your clothes?” “Experience a house as a home?” “Find your soulmate?”

This isn't rocket science. It’s not that hard. However, we’ve seen that many entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs don’t know how to share their story. And it affects them! Because it’s true, they (your prospects, clients or skeptics) “don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” And your story is the proof you care!

As we at Entrepreneur on Purpose work with entrepreneurs, we want them to know, understand and articulate their stories. Then they can confidently and creatively find ways to market and share what matters most to them.... AND will soon matter to others as well.

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