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Unlocking Your Superpower in Business and Life!

If you had one superpower that could help you succeed in business, (and life), would you use that power? Would you find it and engage it? Well, here’s the good news! You have it. And using your superpower will help you be

  • More likely to be a top performer (30% more)

  • More likely to be satisfied with your job (73% more)

  • More likely to be retained by an employer (54% more)

Would that superpower be valuable to you? Of course, right!? Well…. the research now available in brain science, corporate studies and many, many personal testimonies. You ALREADY HAVE that superpower. The two key questions to ask: Do you know what your's is? AND Are you using it in your work and everyday life? I’ve worked with many people who didn’t think they had such a “superpower.” And guess what? They were wrong! They did. The superpower not only exists. It’s attainable. It’s not just a luxury for a certain few. Any person… IF they are willing. IF they understand the they’ve already been given superpower. If they know how to apply their superpower. If you haven’t already heard about it, there’s a thing going on right now that’s being called “The Purpose Revolution.” It’s the change from work as a paycheck to work as a purposeful endeavor. From it’s only about money. To it starts with meaning. It’s the change from I get a job to “make a living” to I work to “make a life.” Compared to the majority of professionals where two out of three is disengaged from work, those with the purpose superpower are fully engaged. Compared to a U.S. workforce where only 30% report being actively involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work, those with the purpose superpower feel excited about what they get to do. It’s because those with the purpose superpower know

1. Why they do what they do.

In other words, they have a reason to get out of bed in the morning that’s bigger than them. They care about what they do and what they’re achieving.

2. What they have been uniquely gifted or equipped to work.

They know they have something to offer that sets them apart and brings meaning to them while creating value for others. They use their best gifts and strengths.

3. How they want to integrate life and work in a way that works.

I’ve seen it! I’ve lived this! And I’ve been able to coach hundreds of people NOT to have to wait years, decades or until they retire (whatever that means) but to find their Why, their What and their Way. 
It’s not rocket science. But, I believe it’s more powerful than rocket science. It creates rocket science! The best way to proceed involves first, Unlocking your purpose. (That’s what Convergence Point is all about!)

  1. Find how to bring your purpose to your present company.

  2. Find a new company (or work) that fits that.

  3. Create a new company or work that fits your purpose.

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