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[VIDEO] Wanting to 'Get Away?' Explore 3 Options to Taking a Sabatical

 One of my favorite all time commercials... Southwest nails it!


… Caught doing something kind of dumb or awkward.  


Cue the deer in headlights look…


“Wanna get away??”

When it comes to the tensions and stress of leadership, entrepreneurship, sales, I can hear it in many… “I DO wanna get away!!” I want the freedom and option to rest. Get restored. Get revitalized.


But how? Where?


Enter the current epidemic desire for “sabbatical” or just leaving the current situation.


In this video live from Whisper Ranch ( , I address

  1. The reason for leaders often need/desire that "get away"

2. 3 shorter term things to explore if when you think of your life and leadership you “wanna get away!”


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