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What If Your Personality's Not Permanent?

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.” Daniel Gilbert

As I write this, I’m currently 34,000 feet somewhere over Newfoundland heading home from a week of incredible and transformational coaching in Salzburg, Austria (More on that later!)

Here’s what I’m noticing:

Though it’s a bright midday outside the plane, it looks like dark outside! Like an eerie eclipse or something! You see, I’m staring through one of these funky darkened tint control windows.

What you see through a lens might NOT be reality!

And most of us (really all of us!) have subtly allowed the old “us lens” to color past to color or even prevent us from moving into a bright present and future.

*** And you may not be helped by many personality profiles, assessments and psychological definitions that keep you focused on your past instead of moving us boldly into a vision of a bright future.***

The Proverb says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”(Proverbs 7:23)

In other words, your thinking lens colors what you see.

Sure, personality assessments have a place, but they don’t help when they make past feel permanent.

  • “I’m an introvert, so I’m not as much a people person or leader.”

  • “I’m an extrovert so not as organized or strategic.”

  • “I’m a thinker so not as much into deep relationships.”

No. I’m not asking to throw out the baby with the personality profile bath water.

However, are you, in any way, limiting the incredible potential inside instead of grasping your own calling, dream or vision?

Your purpose. A powerful present and future.

Author and futurist Peter Diamandis, founder of XPRIZE wrote,

“A single individual driven by purpose can change the world!”

Though we’ve likely witnessed changes in our personalities over the previous 10 years, we quit believing the best changes are yet to come - powerful and positive changes!

I’ve seen it happen!

  • An “introvert” reaching out and building community to accomplish their purpose driven goals!

  • A self-described “wallflower” speaking with deep emotion to a group.

  • A middle-aged man thinking he was gonna retire finding a calling from which he could never imagine retirement.

  • A “lousy communicator” speaking to thousands!

Just this week I witnessed the superpower of transformation that took place in a group of young leaders I coached in Austria.

Their before and after profiles were hardly recognizable. They chased down their false belief ABOUT WHO THEY REALLY WERE! They are SO much more than their personality profile could ever describe!

Your Purpose Can Pull You Out of the Dark!

This week, it may be time to turn up the tinted lens and limitations from your personality profile /and let your purpose pull you into the kinds of activities that accomplish what you’ve been born to do!


How much time do you spend imagining your future self?

Yes, most people would probably say “Not much.” And… you are not “most people.”

What if that was to increase 10-fold starting today?

Light’s coming in the window! Wow, it's day out there!

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