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3 Measurable Reasons We All Should Want to Live a Purpose-Driven Life… Along with Michael Phelps

Michaels Phelps claims to have discovered the power of purpose in the last few years. and reading Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life may not only have saved Michael Phelps life, but may also be responsible for the powerful performance he’s achieved in the Rio Olympics. After being at his lowest ebb folowing a DUI conviction in Baltimore in 20014, Phelps’ friend Ray Lewis stepped in and gave him a copy of The Purpose Driven Life by pastor Rick Warren. After checking into a rehab center and reading the book Phelps called Lewis to say, “Man, this book is crazy! I cannot thank you enough,man. You saved my life!” Phelps went on to say, “Its turned me into believing there is a power greater than myself. And there is a purpose for me on this planet.” Isn’t that awesome!? Gives me hope that people’s lives can change. AND one person can make a huge difference by caring about the life of another person! Agree? And I can tell you from experience that discovering God’s purpose for my own life saved my life as well. I, too, was in the despair of depression and wondering about the future of my life. I went on a journey to find out and reached out to some guides. “Was there a bigger purpose for my life?”

 And honestly - finding purpose has changed things radically for me. Thus this blog and the work I now do day to day! However, there’s a lot of work to be done! MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA OF THEIR BIGGER PURPOSE, THE POWER THAT COMES FROM FINDING IT, or HOW TO SEEK IT OUT. So, even beyond the spiritual rationale, (though that’s obviously important!) there are even other measurable reasons to discover and engage yourpurpose. We should all seek to intentionally live a purpose-driven life. In the past years research has demonstrated that happiness and social connection can have positive benefits on health. But now research suggests that having a sense of purpose or direction in life may also be have very tangible and beneficial results. Purpose Driven People (those who know and act on their life purpose…)

1. Live Longer.

According to a study by Patrick Hill, Nicholas Turiano and The University of Rochester Medical Center, people with a sense of purpose had a 15 percent lower risk of death, compared with those who said they were more or less aimless. In other words, your purpose creates well being in your body as well as your soul. You feel better on the inside and it creates peace on the outside. 
The University of Rochester study says goes on to say that “14 years after the reporting a sense of purpose, those with the greater sense of purpose in their and direction in life were more likely to outlive their peers.” Wow! Hill defines it (purpose) as providing something like a "compass or lighthouse that provides an overarching aim and direction in day-to-day lives.” Hill's analysis controlled for other factors known to affect longevity, things like age, gender and emotional well-being. A sense of purpose trumped all that. Next… those who have a bigger purpose..

2. Have More Energy

Clarity of purpose enables you to overcome the negative, fearful and directionless energy that inhabits our minds and therefore bodies. Learning expert and blogger Scott H. Young studied energy management and the ability to utilize your own energy is one of the most important keys to effectiveness. He studied energy sources (diet, exercise, optimism…) and concluded:

“Above all the other suggestions I have made, nothing will impact your energies more than finding and creating your own life purpose. From this purpose you can begin to align all of your goals and actions toward it. The greater congruency you have between the actions you take and the meaning they have, the greater your energies will be.”

Finally.... Purpose Driven People

3. Know What To Say “No” to

The ability to say a peaceful and no-guilt “no” to the right things can actually free the creativity and success that dogs many gifted people. "People are effective because they say "no” according to management expert Peter Drucker. When you’re clear on your purpose and your mission, you effectively say “no” regularly. Knowing that we’re investing in the right things gives us peace of mind…. AND it frees our calendars to say “yes” to what we’re here to do on planet earth. Saying “no” to our bigger purpose then helps us eliminate the many multiple meaningless activities and replace them with the very meaningful activity we must do.

Conclusion Knowing AND engaging your purpose (what Phelps calls "a purpose for me on this planet") can and will bring positive and powerful and even measurable change.

Do you know yours? I'm talking really KNOW it.

Here’s my guess… if you’re reading this far, you can agree (I think!) but you may be asking a few questions

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