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Do You Have a “Good Idea?”

Idea: Got One?

If you have ideas about... business, invention, government, education, communication, spirituality..... my guess is you’ve experienced a “love-hate relationship” with those ideas. You think thoughts and see things others don't, won’t or can’t. You wonder, is this idea a blessing or a curse. You wonder if this idea is viable or vacant. Profitable or poverty-inducing.

People with ideas (maybe you) have been called “genius,” “before their time” and “forerunners...” when their ideas “make it.” BEFORE: those same ones are called “dreamer”, “eccentric,” or “head in clouds.” And, let’s face it, most entrepreneurs, leaders or creatives work with ideas. It’s what makes us entrepreneurs, leaders or creatives! Poor Ciro! It was the mid 2000’s and over eggs, bacon and toast at Reese’s, my friend Ciro shared with me what he believed was the future of marketing and business. He used words like SEO, adword, algorithm, backlinks, cookies and page ranks. Ciro planned to build a business around these things and wanted me to be involved... maybe have him help me market my services. He was excited and convinced about his ideas. To me, they seemed foreign and confusing. They were hard to wrap my head around. If Ciro would have ranked the viability of his ideas base on my response, he would NOT have built his company. Most people won’t “get it.” That’s OK! Ciro had a “good idea.” A REALLY “good idea.” I just couldn’t see it. In the late 1800’s author Victor Hugo said,

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Why You Can’t Disregard Your Idea.

Almost every thing you used today sprung from someone’s idea. The car you drove. The phone you used to text. The chair you sat on. The food you bought at the store. The screen you read this post on. The idea of blogs!

Ideas live on beyond your death. Ideas take on a life of their own. They can live on for generations. Dead people still impact our lives because of their ideas!

  • “Governments of the people.”

  • “Books we read.”

  • “Ideas on relationships.”

  • “Spiritual understandings.”

Ideas empower progress to make life on this planet better.

Ideas offer hope that bad things now can be good things someday. Diseases healed. Poverty alleviated. Problems fixed.

Is your idea good idea? (especially as it relates to entrepreneurship)

It depends. Ideas need to be tested, right? Here are 8 ways your idea can be good... even grreat. So, get your idea in mind.

Does your idea?

1. Solve a real problem people have.... And often, it’s a top of mind problem?

2. Synthesize other resources into a new or better one?

3. Simplify things that are complex, confusing or time consuming?

4. Stretch scarce resources?

5. Speak to people in a more effective way?

6. Stop or at lease reduce pain?

7. Spark new growth of good change for others?

8. Solidify things that are weak?

I believe most of the best ideas remain hidden or die with their owners. Let not your idea be one of those? Deal?

Go for it!

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