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Doable and More Powerful Than a New Year's Resolution!

The good news: 75 percent of us will keep our resolutions through the whole first week of January. The bad news:Only 8 percent of us will be successful in achieving what we set out to do! (University of Scranton Research) That's hard! Sad!?

So, what's someone who wants to change something to do? Somone wanting to change?

Even someone who wants to

  • Lose weight

  • Grow their business

  • Spend less and grow more

  • Get fit and healthy

  • Help someone else achieve their dreams

If a resolutionis defined as "a firm decision to do or not to do something." Frankly, most of us are tired of letting ourselves (and sometimes others) down.

Our "firm decisions" feel more like floppy wishes.

With all our good intentions, most of us don't see resolutions aren't powerful change agents in our lives. Even if we want to change!

So, what's doable AND more powerful than a New Year's Resolution?

Simply: A LYNCHPIN HABIT. Take it from someone who's failed at far too many diets, goals and decisions that "this time it will be different," finding and doing a lynchpin habit sets free and leads to positive movement. Here's freedom: Stop setting resolutions if you'd be better served choosing a lynchpin habit. A habit is "a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up." And when you find your lynchpin, the one habit that can affect everything else...that's the path to real change. Some really simple/doable examples of lynchpin habits. (Don't start with all of these... try one!) 1. Make your bed each day: So simple! But, when you don't allow chaos or disorder to reign in such a private place, it sends a message to the you saying, "Things are in order." It's the same feeling you get when you go to the Ritz: "Things are in order." 2. Go for a walk or run to start (and/or end each day) I actually learned this habit from my dogs Harry and Barney. Somehow a walk takes away stress and makes other things better! 3. Read Scripture Each Day

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