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Energy: The One Commodity You Must Gain More Of... Why and How?

Since I’m a licensed wealth advisor and help people invest, right up front, Key disclaimer: I’m not implying you do or don't invest your money in oil, natural gas or even alternative energy sources…. However, I’ve been doing some research and have become convinced of two things. 1. Commodities alter world history. 2. THE most powerful, important and transformational commodity we must invest in… (nurturing ,growing, protecting and intentionally getting more of) is our own energy. So briefly, let me share what I’m learning about commodities. There are some commodities that affect many other areas of life. When people have them, they have power, influence and opportunities. For example, many ways, so much of history of civilization in the last 3000 years can be traced to those who who could mine, cure and then sell ….. salt. In a nutshell… The human body must have salt. No human being can survive without a regular intake of salt. And those who could find or mine salt could

  • Preserve food

  • Keep dead people from decaying

  • Make Cleaning Solutions

  • Deodorize things

  • Make cheese

  • Control Trade

For thousands of years, people were paid in salt. A worker was “worth his salt.” People were paid “salaries.” Mummies were preserved with salt. Cities grew around salt mines. (Salzberg was called the city of salt. the word salad means “salted.” The Romans built an empire by controlling salt. Great Britain did the same. It inspired global exploration. Today, the United States is the top producer of salt. Many great wars were fought over salt. Jesus encouraged people to be the salt of the earth. Mahatma Ghandi fought the “salt war” to expel the British. Summary: Those who possessed the salt had control, wealth and influence. He or she with the salt wins. So, people and nations did everything to find more, protect what they had and utilize it most effectively. What’s the salt of today? (especially since most of us don’t need to spend our days finding salt) I’ll go out on a limb here…. it’s your personal energy! In a world build on creativity, influence and the most important commodity you have to offer is your own energy. It’s your ability to be inspired, encouraged, creative and without resistance caused by fear, depression, fatigue or discouragement. It’s your ability to relate deeply to people and change the things that aren't working. Like salt, your energy offers ways to change things, preserve things or create all new opportunities. Energy drives you to invent, persist and persuade. It’s the non-physical part of you people experience, even if they can’t put a label on it. (Some politicians have even been labeled and maligned for lacking it!) And the most important… and least recognized kind of energy…is your spiritual energy. It’s your core desires, outlooks and positivity. It’s your spirit. It’s the non-tangible you in you. With spirit, (spiritual energy) you do things others may see as impossible. Without spirit, you feel like quitting, crawling in a hole or not really caring to show up or be present. (Ask me how I know?) We all know that energy creates energy. And things like diet, exercise, and hydration can change the way you experience and act in a day. But, what about being able to mine and bring to the surface more spiritual energy? What if you could double, triple or more your creative and passionate juices? Being a student of your own energy and finding ways to decrease negative energy and energy drainers and then increase positive and peaceful energy may be the most valuable journey any of us can take. And for many of us haven't known where to start.. or that our energy can change! (pretty quickly too!) What if being the salt of the earth in our day means being the filled with great spiritual energy and utilizing that energy So two questions for today. 1. When was a time when you sensed you had a lot of personal energy? Why do you think? 2. What would you do if you were to possess much greater personal and spiritual energy?

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