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Is fear keeping you from your “fire?” by Melissa Breyette

When was the last time you felt “on fire?” By that I mean you felt fully free, alive and doing what you were meant to do.

When my coach asked me this question, “Melissa, when have you been “on fire?’“ I was stumped. I couldn’t think of much that made me feel strong or passionate in a way that could be considered “on fire.” But suddenly an experience from last summer came to mind.

It was when I was asked to teach at a church we were serving in Cuba. And here’s the kicker--tomorrow night.

My initial response was a firm “no.” No way, I thought. I was unprepared and why would I take on that stress when my days were already demanding leading this student trip?

Besides that, as a woman, I never really felt qualified or affirmed to teach or preach in the church. I was never mentored or encouraged to use my unique voice.

Yet 5 minutes after saying no, I felt the Holy Spirit challenging me, “Melissa, you need to do this.” It was the push and the confidence I needed to say yes. So I did.

With little time to prepare and no study resources to use, here I was now using the gifts God opened the door for me to use. Gifts I’d rarely used! Since that frustrated me deeply, I had to step into this opportunity despite BIG fears of inadequacy and rejection.

Somehow God led me to Philippians 1 in the Bible and I carved out an hour to prepare. I did what I could and relied on God to do the rest—to empower me, to speak exactly what he wanted me to say to His people. As I spoke, the Spanish “amens” and “hallelujahs” of agreement told me the message was resonating. I had been given words and insights God wanted me to share. He showed me my voice has value and purpose and people are blessed when I use it!

What a powerful lesson for me! It still challenges me to say “yes!”

When was the last time you felt “on fire?” I have a hunch it was the last time you faced BIG fears to share your voice or some part of you you’ve held back. I know it feels risky to step up and be seen as the person you fully are. But when you step through doors God opens despite feeling inadequate or unaffirmed, He sets you ablaze with power, passion and purpose.

Will you choose to be on fire? Will you say "yes?"

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