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Transforming Education Through Excavation

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a user! Just today I listened to one live sermon and two podcasts filled with someone teaching me. AND I DO IT TOO!

But, after coaching all kinds of people for more than 14 years, pastoring a church for 10 and raising sons for 22 years I believe the most valuable, certainly most rare, kind of education isn't lecture, sermon or even awesome talks!

Not even podcasts, though I create them and admit I'm addicted to them! (3 a day!)

Though some people learn best by listening to informatin - MOST of us actually learn best, really learn, (like life-changing stuff) through experience, interaction, feedback.

In his new book, Small Cloud Rising, my friend, author and California mega church pastor Dave Gibbons shares a single word word that describes the kind of eduction most miss out on getting and/or giving.

When you’re stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled, you need some way to get what’s underneath out in the open. Knowledge alone can’t change many things. To be transformed, most need some way to fully uncover real identity. Unlock dreams. Unleash purpose and destiny. Dave said,

“Excavation requires digging God’s true identity out from layers and layers of buried life, fear and sin.”

Excavating? What would that accomplish? What would that look like? I believe excavation involves probes by another human being who cares enough to unearth both the gold and the gunk beneath the surface of someone’s consciousness. By helping somewhat see the gold they offer, the purpose they bring or the potential they can realize, you help them see their best gifts and the life they have to offer. And besides podcasts, I'm addicted to that kind of people excavation! (Hopefully "addicted" in the best way!)

Here are some "probe for gold questions" for you or for others...

* What makes you feel alive?

* What could you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

* What do you yearn to be different?

Then listen.

Seemingly simple, right? But, what mentors or educators ask you those questions? Don’t you wish there were more?

Really, those who truly listen and let lives speak may be the most important need in our day.

For women!? NO. Actually, I believe men too are in desperate need here! And most guys have no idea that's what they really need.

If it’s true that God creates human beings with unique blends of gifting, passion, personality, pain and even experiences, why wouldn’t the first priority of educating a person spiritually and vocationally be to help them know with clarity and confidence:

1. Who am I?

2. What can I offer the world?

Should a child graduate from school, Sunday school or college and not know those things??

Yet, most do!

The gunk ... Well, that looks like probes for the blocks a person from fully living their potential.

And that’s where "gunk excavation" helps unearth and create the space to heal

* What you were told that wasn't true.

* What you believed about yourself that keeps you stuck.

* What you engaged in that needs forgiveness and healing.

Of course this is the work of God in a person’s life... and God desperately wants that to happen in people..

And How does God do His greatest work?

Through other people!

Imagine a tribe of people who’s desire, training and work in life was to release the real purpose and potential of other people... through the work of excavation!

Welcome to my dream!

Let me know your thoughts, ideas or questions below.

PS. If that resonates with you ... get in touch. Just e-mail me directly!

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