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When You Can’t Stay Motivated… Do This

“Jeff, you’re just not motivated! It’s never gonna work!” Guess who said that? Me. Moi. I said that. To myself! I was seeking to create and build a business venture I was “so sure” was what people “needed.” And I “needed them to need it!” And I was right! It was “never gonna work.” What I was doing to motivate myself and others wasn’t working and couldn’t work. You see, I was doing all I could to PUSH. I was forcing myself and others because I felt I needed this goal and “success” to be okay. And when you’re pushing it, something's gonna leak, break or freak out. As it relates to a spiritual way of life, PUSH is a soul shrinker. It has nothing to do with faith, hope or love. Often, it's not what we're meant to be doing.

You’re relying on PUSH when you

  • Stay late at the office and miss dinner with your family to “finish your research.

  • Try too hard to “get people” to do things they demonstrate no interest in or is not necessarily what they most need.

  • Consistently try to use gifts you don’t have and they drain you in order to “succeed.”

  • Don’t rely on others to do what you can’t do.

PUSH is like swimming up stream. You’re still swimming and may even make some progress… but boy is it tiring! The current's going the other way. Take notice. PULL on the other hand is when you do things because you feel drawn toward to them. They free you and others to be your best. You're beckoned by good or clearly by God. The current it going your way.

You’re leaning into PULL when you

  • Feel curious and excited to fulfill your vision or potential.

  • Can let it go and get a good night sleep because you trust things will work out that need to.

  • Help others see the incredible value of doing things or taking action for the good because you love them.

  • Know that God is God and you’re not.

To the unobservant, there seems no difference in pulling or pushing. You’re just tying to get things done or produce outcomes. But the outcomes and the energy are very different!

PUSH or PULL? Which will it be?

Is there something you’re doing right now that’s all about PUSH and may be wearing you and others around you out?

What would it take to either change that to a PULL mindset… or let it go and seek where you can live your life and do your work in PULL?

Have an aweome and peace filled day!


PS. If this resonates, with you and you’d lie to go deeper, I’d like to invite you to download a complementary copy of my new book, “Unlocking Your Convergence Point.”

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